Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aphrodite - you goddess you...

All things goddess is both a tribute to women everywhere and a place where they can come for ideas in their quest for the best things in life. While you're here, we'll call you Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty since those things come naturally to you as a woman and you are constantly seeking them. You work to beautify yourself, your home and everything around you. Your heart is full of love and you give it freely to your family, your children (and everyone else's for that matter), your friends and the people around you.
Of course there are a lot of things come naturally to you, other things...well...don't. May you find the wisdom of other goddesses that will make you better and better as you peruse these pages. And if you don't find wisdom, meh...maybe you'll find a good recipe or joke. I aim to please. :)


the 7 goddesses

These 7 goddesses share their wisdom with the rest of us. Click on their tabs above to learn their lessons and read their tips:

APHRODITE - goddess of love & beauty - this is you

NYX - goddess of night - lessons on wifery (is that a word?) and all things night time

LETO - goddess of motherhood - all things related to motherhood

DEMETER - goddess of food & harvest - and for that reason, my favorite. Find tried and true recipes here

HESTIA - goddess of hearth & home - on making your house a home

ATHENA - goddess of wisdom - making learning a lifelong journey (plus a killer book list)

ELPHIS - goddess of hope - cause we could all use a little more!

Good for a laugh

"My dad hates brownies when they're gone." -Hudson age 2


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