Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best Quote on Motherhood

The best quote I have ever read on motherhood was this one from Marjorie Hinckley, mother of five. She was speaking to teenaged kids about life and said:

"Did you ever stop to think what a terrible responsibility you are to your parents? Not only are they required to feed you and clothe you and educate you, but from the moment you were placed in their keeping it became their responsibility to see that you are taught to live a life that is fitting for a child of God...What a staggering responsibility! We feel it. Most of the mistakes we make are because we love you so much. We are so anxious for you to do your best that we get clumsy in our anxiety. We don't know how to communicate with you and we bungle. But it is only because we love you. And you had better appreciate it, because no one will love you as much. Your husband will love you, your wife will love you, but let me disillusion you right now - it will not be the way your mother and father love you. Theirs is as close to an unselfish love as we know on this earth."

I'm not sure exactly why I love this so much. I guess it makes me think of my own mom and dad and the great love they feel for me. It gets me thinking about my mother-in-law. I love my husband very VERY much, and this post makes me love her more because of the enormous amount of love I know she feels for him.

To me it is easy to love my son unconditionally, and sometimes I feel guilty for not feeling that way to more of the people I know and love. The way Marjorie Hinckley puts it, I feel like I'm supposed to feel the way I feel. There really is nothing like the love of a mother and I am so so so happy to be on both ends of that love.


the 7 goddesses

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