Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nyx - goddess of night

I really had some mixed feelings about using "Nyx" - the goddess of night to represent being a wife because I have mixed feelings about talking about the part of marriage called s-e-x, which lets be honest, ask a man and he'll tell you that's one of the most important parts. Call me conservative, or maybe prude would be the right word. If my grandmother saw that I even typed the word s-e-x she would blush like you've never seen and maybe not ever look me in the eye again. For both our sakes, lets hope she's not (so-to-speak) "online".

The reason this is here, perhaps against my first instinct is because for crying out loud, someone needs to talk about it! I was looking at a 'religious' book about marriage that I have lying around, and I flipped back to the index. Now, this is an enormous book, and though I haven't read it all yet, I'm sure it has some awesome things to say. BUT back to the index under 'SEX' this is what it lists: false depictions of, dealing with desire for, differentiating between love and, safe...then there were sections on sexual abuse, sexual immorality, sexual transgression, sexual relations: outside marriage, between individuals of same gender...ETC ETC. Those are probably things we should know about, but they left out the important fact that sex is a good GOOD thing between husband and wife. I mean, could there be a more perfect way to create another life?

Anyway, now I've gotten on my soap box, when really all I wanted to say is that someone needs to remind us all that sex is good and that we all wanted it more than anything at some point in our marriage. Hopefully we still do, and hopefully it's just as fun (or more fun) than it ever was! If not, look for tips on that from Nyx - the goddess of night. Here's to your healthy, happy sex life.


the 7 goddesses

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Good for a laugh

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