Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leto - goddess of motherhood

There is nothing like being a mom. I have never sacrificed so much, slept so little or loved so deeply as I have as a mother. I'm sure I'm not very different from other moms. I love my baby so much sometimes that I almost feel like I'll throw up. I feel so much anxiety about feeding him the right things, making sure he gets enough sleep, enough attention, enough 'tummy time', and I constantly worry about his safety, health and I'm sure everything else. I plan my life around nap time and feedings because to me life is just easier and happier with a content baby than with a grumpy one.

Hopefully you can find some advice that helps you in your mothering, but mostly I hope you can find companionship and an encouraging word once in a while. Cause you know as a mother we all need it.


the 7 goddesses

These 7 goddesses share their wisdom with the rest of us. Click on their tabs above to learn their lessons and read their tips:

APHRODITE - goddess of love & beauty - this is you

NYX - goddess of night - lessons on wifery (is that a word?) and all things night time

LETO - goddess of motherhood - all things related to motherhood

DEMETER - goddess of food & harvest - and for that reason, my favorite. Find tried and true recipes here

HESTIA - goddess of hearth & home - on making your house a home

ATHENA - goddess of wisdom - making learning a lifelong journey (plus a killer book list)

ELPHIS - goddess of hope - cause we could all use a little more!

Good for a laugh

"My dad hates brownies when they're gone." -Hudson age 2


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